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Laptop Screen Replacement

Do you have a laptop with a screen that is broken? Maybe you dropped it or it just quit working. Whatever may have happened give Kirbtech a call! We would love to fix your laptop and get it running like new. Just..

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Kirbtech Sign

Over a year has passed since we have been in our new shop and we are excited to say we finally have a company sign along the road. A variance was needed before we could install the sign and you know how that goes...

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Our First Website.

It is always interesting to go back and look at the beginning stages of something. See what has changed and what has improved. So we dug through the archives and found a screenshot of our very first website. It was launched..

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Amazon Echo Unboxing

  What is an Amazon Echo?  Amazon Echo is a virtual assistant and a snazzy speaker. A height of 9.25 inches makes it seem a little on the tall side but with it only being 3 inches around it doesn’t seem that huge. It..

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