3 Ways CCleaner Can Help Speed up Your Computer

If your computer is starting to run slower, maybe it needs to have some maintenance done to it.  We like to use a sweet little program called CCleaner to help clean up a PC and make it run faster. Here are 3 ways CCleaner can help make your computer run faster.

  1. Delete Junk Files

As you can see in the picture below, CCleaner has a ton of different options that can be selected to be cleaned. Anything from emptying the recycle bin to deleting saved passwords in Chrome. Read down thru the list carefully and uncheck anything you don’t want to be deleted.

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2. Disable Startup Items

This option shows you all the programs that are trying to run every time you start your computer. When all of these programs are trying to start, it slows down your computer. Go down thru this list and disable the programs that don’t need to be running.

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3. Clean Registry Files.

A registry cleaner, which can remove unused registry entries, file extensions, uninstallers, shared DLLs, fonts, application paths, icons, and invalid shortcuts. This is particularly helpful if you’re having trouble installing a new version of a previously installed program.

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Head over to ccleaner.com and give it a download and a try. If there is a program you like to use then post it in the comments below! Or if you are having issues with you computer and don’t feel comfortable working on your computer and want a professional tech to work on it. Give us a call at 717-258-3789.