Network Rack Installation in Parkesburg, PA

With there network closet being in a cramped location and looking like a wreck, it was decided it was time to move the network to a different part of the building. A nice addition was built onto the existing business and in it, a little room just for the network. So now it was time for us to start running cables to the new location, install the rack, and punch all the cables down. This project is being done in steps, so the server and phone system are being moved over later. Enjoy!

The existing network closet.

Network Computer

Network cables being run in the new building.

Cat5 Cables

Cat5 cables punched down in a punch block.


Cable Management makes life better.

Network Closet

Network Closet

Hopefully you have enjoyed these pictures of this project. If you need anything like this done at your business feel free to give us a call. God bless!