Networking Carlisle PA


Having a reliable network is essential to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Whatever networking needs you may have, we can provide a networking solution to bring your business together.

Small Business Networks

  • Tie all your computers together
  • Enable your software to be used by multiple users.
  • Share your files from a central location.
  • Setup a centralized system backup.
  • Setup wireless access.

Multi Location/Remote Users

Fiber Optic Networks

  • Software based system allows easy configuration changes and support remotely.
  • Set up a Server to manage you file shares and permissions.
  • Set up a VPN to create a secure network between multiple locations.
  • Setup a additional servers for load balancing between locations.
  • Create secure remote user access with VPN, HTTPS, or Remote Desktop.
  • Setup mobile users to connect via your cellular data provider

  • Can be used for phone extensions, computers, etc
  • Best for runs over 300 feet indoors and outdoors.
  • Ideal when running outside of buildings